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About This Site

I launched this site in response to the overblown rivalry between Firefox and Opera users. The way I see it, both groups have a common enemy: dominance of the web by a single browser, currently Internet Explorer. At this stage of the game, every percentage point Firefox pulls from IE is a win for Opera, and vice versa, because it spreads awareness that there are alternatives, and that it might be worth trying them out.

This site is intended as a truce. We're in this together.

It was also inspired in part by the fact that after nearly a year, Browse Happy's testimonials are still overwhelmingly Firefox-centric. I had hoped they would be adding more over time, but that doesn't seem to have happened.

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About the Author

I'm a web developer and sysadmin. I've been using computers since I was five, using the Internet since high school, and building websites since college.

These days I mainly use Chrome, with Firefox and Opera each maybe 10% of the time. I write my web pages as close to the standard as possible, design for graceful degradation, and test in everything I can think of.

I also contributed to Opera Watch occasionally when it was still active.

Contact Information

Please contact webmaster at alternativebrowseralliance dot com.

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